Xinming China Holdings Limited has a total of 16 property projects at various stages of development in five cities, 10 of which located in Taizhou, in addition to one each in Shanghai, Tengzhou and Hangzhou, as well as three in Chongqing. These 16 projects have an aggregate site area of approximately 984,653 sq.m. and an aggregate GFA of approximately 2,163,730 sq.m. Six projects are completed, including Xinming Peninsular (Phase 1, Stage 1 and Stage 2 of Phase 2) in Taizhou, Xinming International Household Products Mall, Xinming International Logistic Centre and Wenshang Times • Red Star Macalline Household Products Market. Six projects, including Xinming Lijiang Garden, Xinming • Kids' World in Shanghai, phase 1 of Xinming • China South-western Mall in Chongqing, Wenshang Times • Xinming Household Decorations Mall, Wenshang Times • Xinming Apartment and Xingmeng International Mall, are under development. In the future, four projects, including Commercial Building project, phase 2 and phase 3 of Xinming • China South-western Mall in Chongqing and Xinming • Kids' World in Hangzhou will be developed.

Most of our residential projects are well equipped with well-designed ancillary facilities and a high proportion of greenery features such as parks with water features, clubhouses and swimming pools, so as to create a comfortable lifestyle for our customers. We also have a diversified product portfolio of residential properties in different sizes and styles - comprising mid-rise apartments, high-rise apartments and townhouses - to suit the different needs of our customers.

Taizhou Xinming Peninsular


Our commercial development projects specialize in providing a one-stop shopping experience to consumers for a specific type of consumer products or services. They provide a trading platform for construction materials, household products, furniture and small commodities.

Xinming International Household Products Mall
Xinming International Logistic Centre
Wenshang Times?Red Star Macalline Household Products Market