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Message from the Chairman
In its years of development, Xinming has been an outstanding integrated residential and commercial property developer that possesses multiple high-quality property projects and has set foot in various cities in China with profound development potential. We provide to our customers comprehensive and high-quality services integrating property development, property leasing and property management, covering all aspects of their property needs. 

With China’s booming property industry bringing both boundless opportunities and relentless challenges, the management team of Xinming, upholding the spirit of professionalism and a passion for the industry, has consistently steered Xinming China to strive to evolve on a path of sustainable development riding on its profound knowledge in China’s construction and property industry and its members’ strong qualifications and expertise in management. We are committed to producing comfortable, livable, convenient and reliable residential products for the general public, as well as diversified, unique and outstanding commercial complex projects for cities to contribute to their commercial development and economic vitality. 

The people of Xinming are guided by the company’s Value Orientation of “Taking a Chinese approach to doing business to build the company with morality; maintaining the spirit of the day to undertake responsibility for society”. They are constantly in pursuit of creating higher value for its customers, more aspiring opportunities for its employees, higher prosperity for the cities, higher returns for its shareholders and unremittingly endeavor to improve the living quality of people and construct the finest buildings for society.

Looking ahead, given China’s accelerated urbanization process and economic reforms, Xinming will conform to the industry trends and the nation’s policy adjustment and strive to excel riding on its proven track record as a successful player in China’s property market, to continue to grow under stringent requirements for its management and staff, to build a superior enterprise of high degree of responsibility and that meets international standards, and in the process continue to contribute to society, to the public, and to a brilliant future.